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A Tempo Rubato 2017 HD video 3:11 min

From the window of my living room I see the branches of an olive tree that wave with the spring wind and the sound of birds and frogs in the air is mixed with a male voice that comes from the tv. The voice remains ambiguous while articulating ideas of how to adopt change as a tool of renovation and being able to follow the pace of time.

This overlapped realities live together and empathize the idea of time as a mental fabric of our consciousness that operates between perceiving , recognizing , putting things in relation and trying to make sense of what occurs .

Exercise on Telemann Fantasia no.3  2017 HD video 7:29 min

A baroque piece by G. F. Telemann becomes the structure of a non linear narrative where elements of personal memories are mixed and overlapped during the exercise of the piece in a moment of brake down from my work at the studio. The elements and process flow simultaneously within the time frame of the music score.We are never exactly where we think we are or do exactly what we think we are doing there is always something beyond  what can described.    

whispers & Shadows / 2011 / Video installation / Standard Pal 4:3 aspect with sound / 5:24 min/sec

The ambiance of the site introduces the viewer with the happening; constructions machines excavating in the ground covered by the darkness of the night. Their loud noises give place to a female voice reading selected text by Aristotle’s Politics. The verses which speak about Polis and the sense of living together sound utopia in the today machine-like model of urban centre where the role of the public seems to get eclipsed somehow. The ideal of living together, sharing the goods and the space sounds like millenniums away indeed, once the noise of the machines is firmly back.

Sisyphus / 2009 / Video installation / Standard Pal 4:3 with sound / 3:29 min/sec

Sisyphus is a close up observation of the subject attempts to escape from an unfamiliar and unwanted environment. A “trapped” grasshopper (the subject) is the center of gravity of the 3 min. video. The failure act of this last amplified by the repetitive music notes in background evokes the endless act of Sisyphus inside an Iconographic oval frame which “embraces” the subject and his arduous journey.

ESTATE / 2007 / Video installation / Full HD (no sound) / 8:58 min/sec

The silent animation lump numerous photographs making this way notes of the construction process of a massive building. The perceptive aspect of the process becomes a key element of the work. The physical time of a two year process of construction is concentrated in nine minutes of animation but it does so by challenging the viewer attention with an apparently freeze look.

White Lyrics / 2007 / Video installation / Standard Pal 4:3 dual channel / Music by Leonard Qylafi / 7:37 min/sec

The 2 channels video in 7 minutes involves the subject, light and sounds in an intensive relation between time and space. The artist produces the music and interferes with the minimalist aesthetic of the composition giving sense to the space, while the light gives sense to the time passing in both projections. Time going is the essence of this delicate meditative process which creates a new time frame different from the original one, to be consumed by the viewer as a personal experience just when they see it.

Once / 2006 / Video installation / Standard Pal 4:3 with sound / 2:34 min/sec

The camcorder flows slowly capturing the first subject of the video, a shoe than another one, there is some water on the ground. The image moves followed by large arches notes till the music fades out and the view becomes wider, reviling the scene. The subjective experience of the moving image lives the place to the physical reality, the city noises are back and the viewer can see that the whole story was situated over a roof.

Nail song / 2006 / Video installation / Standard Pal 4:3 with sound / 2:58 min/sec

A found nail mark in a wall is surrounded with circles drown with a pencil one after the other. This marking process is synchronized with a voice scream following the circles, becoming louder and longer once they become bigger filling the frame. The whole process is very simple and complex in the same time as it includes action, image and sound. It tries to explore psychological elements of memory, trauma and obsession.

Private show / 2006 / Video installation / Standard Pal 4:3 / Music by Leonard Qylafi / 3:19 min/sec

The relations we have with places is very complex and somehow impossible to describe in words. In Tirana where I live is very usual to see buildings demolished for building new ones. This violent transformation impacts the life of people living in the city. When you see that a building that you know is demolished the kind of shock you experience can not be described. This was also the case with the building that becomes the stage of my performance. I go there and play a short music piece I have composed as a memoriam to the relation I use to have with that place.

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