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Unloaded 2021-2024

We are living in a time where reality has become more dominated by the technology of communication and digital platforms. Our smart phones have become the window to the world through which we observe , get connected , informed , learn and construct our ideas. This project started by accident if I can say so . Reading the news on global platforms like CNN something interesting happened . Browsing the pages ( I have no Idea technically why ) some Images illustrating the articles would tike time to load and appeared fuzzy and blurry than they loaded normally and the image could be seen clearly. I could capture this extremely thin ephemeral moment by taking screen shoots that would become the source material for this painting series. Instate of illustrating a particular subject they are frozen in the process of becoming that subject and give me a picture of my mental process rather that the illustration of the specific article. They stand as artifacts of a relationship between content and user being dropped in the middle in a very spontaneous , random way , somehow drived by technological processes that we can’t control. They fill the space between us and the digital media almost like picturing a symbiosis between our mind and technology.

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